We align a diverse and inclusive community of blockchain experts who collaborate decentrally to advance our cryptoeconomy.

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With our Blockchain Policy Manifesto we spark an ecosystem-wide conversation to discover the core principles we all share.

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With our Blockchain Policy Initiative Report we propose policy measures that shall both promote innovation and secure the protection of all participants.

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Promoting sound policy foundations for a global cryptoeconomy

Blockchain technology offers the opportunity to fundamentally improve the ways in which we cooperate, transact, invest and trust. It can help us re-shape economies, industries and civil societies for the better.

It is now time for entrepreneurs, investors and regulators around the world to come together and to promote clear guidelines for this evolving space. The community needs solid foundations to foster certainty as to what the future of blockchain holds.

Blockchain Policy Initiative is an open community of shapers and makers eager to advance the policy foundations for a global cryptoeconomy.

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How are crypto regulations around the world developing?


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